Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Organization Structure & Process

Organization Structure & Process

Q 1. Explain organizational structure and design?

Ans. It may be defined as a process of defining the clear cut

structure of authority & responsibility of every individual.

Q 2. Explain organizing / organization?

Ans. It refers to the arrangement of all the resources necessary for the achievement of organizational goals.

Q 3. Explain the element of organizational structure

Ans. (i) Organization Chart

(ii) Departmentalization

(iii) Integration

(iv) Authority System

(v) Administrative System

(vi) Flow of information

Q 4. Explain Formal Organization?

Ans. It refers to the official lines of communication where rules and regulation are clearly defined.

Q 5. Explain informal organization?

Ans. It refers to the social interaction among the members of the organization.

For example : when a manager talks to his subordinate while taking lunch in the canteen.

Q 6. Explain the factors affecting organizational structure?

Ans. (i) Environment

(ii) Technology

(iii) psychological characteristics

Q. Explain Centralization?

Ans. It refers to the organization where the authority lies in the hand of a manager. It is suitable for small type of organization.

Q 7. Explain decentralization?

Ans. It refers to the dispersal of authorities among different managers for the smooth functioning of the organization. It is suitable for large type of organization.

Q 8. Explain Degree of decentralization?

Ans. Decentralization is a correlate of delegation. To the extent the authority is delegated, the organization is said to be decentralized.

Q 9. Explain the factors affecting decentralization?

Ans. (i) External environment

2. Sire of organization
3. Philosophy of top management
4. Availability of trained personnel
5. Cost risk involved

Q 10. Explain line and staff relationship?


Explain line and staff organization?

Ans. It refers to an organization where line and staff authority coexist line authority means direct authority of a manager over his subordinates and staff authority means an authority to advise, to support & to serve.

Q 11. Explain specialization of work?

Ans. It means that the job or the entire work of the organization is divided among the individuals according to their capabilities and abilities so as to reduce the cost of operation.

Q 12. Explain Span of Control?

Ans. It is also called span of management or span of supervision. It refers to the number of workers which a manager can easily supervise.

Q 13. Explain levels of Management?

Ans. There all three levels of Management:-

1. Top Level Management
2. Middle Level Management
3. Lower level Management

Q 14. Explain Differential tasks and activities of an organization?

Ans. (i) Defining jobs

2. Grouping of activities
3. Assigning duties
4. Fixing responsibilities

(v) Coordinating the activities

Q15. Explain Matrix Structure?

Ans. It is a Combination of product Specialists and functional Specialists.

Q 16. Explain product Structures?

Ans. It refers to the structure where activities are based up on product lines.

Q 17. Explain geographical Structure?

Ans. It refers to the structure where activities are based up on geographical area such as North, East, West, South.

Q 18. Explain Delegation?

Ans. It means Sharing of authority and responsibility.

Q 19. Explain Network Structure?

Ans. It refers to the structure where network are created for the purpose of fulfilling the objectives of one organization with the other organization.

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